Charity Lan

15-16 APRIL 2023


LGX Arena is back in 2023 with a Charity LAN!

We have planned 8 tournaments and numerous challenges for you to give it your all with your friends, while enjoying our snack and drinks bar and relaxation area.

The best matches will be broadcasted on stage, and we will also organize “hybrid” tournaments that can be played online and on site.

We will livestream on Twitch from a dedicated area for several streamers from Luxembourg who will play and take up challenges with the viewers live, with the aim of collecting the maximum donations for charity. Our ultimate goal is to beat the national record of donations made during a Luxembourgish gaming live stream.

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Some of the games that will be played at the LAN.

What about other games?

It’s a LAN! You can play whatever you want, we’re sure that other players will join you!


Frequently asked questions & answers.

The LGX Charity LAN is a physical event where 200 players bring their personal computers or gaming consoles to play together on a LAN (Local area network) connection. The primary goal is to play tournaments or casual multiplayer games together with your friends & meet new players.

Rest areas will be present if you need to take a break as well as snacks & drinks.

Don’t worry! We will of course keep the online side of the LGX Arena circuit and combine it with the LANs. Some tournaments can be attended either by being present on site or by playing from home.

This means that wherever you are in the world, you will be able to take part and win some amazing gifts & cash prizes, as always!

A livestream will be broadcasted on Twitch from a space reserved for Luxembourgish streamers. They will play games and challenges with the viewers. The goal is to collect many donations for a charity association and break the national donation record of a Luxembourgish gaming stream.

  • By buying a ticket you automatically donate a portion of that to charity. 
  • The “supporter” ticket includes a 25€ donation!
  • People be able to donate during the live stream.
  • Our partners and sponsors will also join the fun and donate.

Tickets are limited to 200 only. First come, first served.
The location doesn’t allow us to seat more people.

Yes! That’s the point of a LAN, you bring and play on your own setup. Whatever it is, console or PC.

You can play whatever you want! We provided an idea of the games that will be played at the LAN but you are free to play whatever you want with your friends. Just ask the other gamers to join your group and play a totally different game!


Available at the event

LGX ARENA t-shirt

A beautiful black t-shirt printed with the LGX Arena logo on the front and the text “PLAY WIN REPEAT” on the back.

Limited to 200

Amazing quality 90 x 40 cm printed microfiber mousepad with rubber base and stitching all around. 

Limited to 200

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40, Bd Pierre Dupong
L-1430 Luxembourg

15-16 APRIL 2023

Saturday 12:00 to

Sunday 17:00